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                                                                             PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION

                                                                                                      Chuck Lambert,  CAI

                                                                                                          Property Inspector


Mr. Lambert brings fifteen plus years of prior construction experience to the property inspection profession. This experience includes complete window and door/jamb installation, roofing applications and renovations, hanging of drywall, plumbing installation/repair, tile setting, and cabinetry.

In an effort to provide clients all that is necessary in the property inspection industry, Mr. Lambert obtained training through the TWI Systems network of home inspectors and on-site experiences with many of his fellow inspectors including Peter Walker, Richard Morrissey, Sam Kline and others. Mr. Lambert adheres to strict inspection and reporting standards. The reporting system Mr. Lambert provides was designed by Peter Walker and is continually updated and refreshed by Mr. Lambert for Peter Walker, himself and their fellow inspector clients who have purchased their system.  The reporting system provides a state-of-the-art electronically produced inspection report that assures all inspections are complete, understandable, and includes digital photos. This system allows inspectors to provide computer generated, narrative style inspection reports on site. He meets the financial responsibility expected in the property inspection profession by being covered by Errors & Omissions insurance, General Liability insurance and Fidelity Bonded.

As a property inspector he specifically avoids any conflicting activity such as contracting or repair. He is a past, certified inspector member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and a current member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  He strictly adheres to their strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Mr. Lambert has conducted or assisted with the inspection of over 9,700 properties for a fee. Properties have included new and resale homes, apartments, hotels, motels and commercial, industrial properties. Clients include buyers, sellers, owners, investors, lawyers, cities, insurance companies, and relocation firms. Mr. Lambert is certified through FLIR as a Level I Thermographer and performs infrared thermal imaging inspections.  Infrared inspections include but are not limited to electrical, plumbing, insulation verification, roofing, predictive maintenance, moisture intrusion, bovine and equine. Mr. Lambert also performs sewer camera inspections with state of the art sewer camera able to provide both digital video and digital photos of the building’s main sewer line.

Mr. Lambert is also a private 3D Inspection System form set designer and software trainer.  To keep pace with the profession Mr. Lambert far exceeds the 30 hours a year of on-going education that is required by CREIA and the 20 hours a year of on-going education that is required by ASHI.  The numerous educational conferences, seminars, training programs and classes have included but are not limited to such areas as infrared thermal imaging, fireplaces, chimneys, electrical, heating and air conditioning, pool and spas, plumbing applications, Simpson Strong Tie applications and FEMA disaster training.



            2004- Present: Member, American Society of Home Inspectors

            2002- 2009: Member, California Real Estate Inspection Association

2002- 2013: International Association of Electrical Inspectors # 7014642

2001- Present: Charter Member, North American Associated Inspectors

2001- 2011: Member, Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers & Home Inspectors

Affiliation Positions

2005-2006: Chapter President, CREIA/ ASHI (Orange County)

2005-2006: ASHI COR Representative

2004- 2005: Chapter Vice President/President Elect, CREIA/ ASHI (Orange County)

2003-2005: Editor, CREIA Observer (Orange County)

2003-2004: Chapter Secretary, CREIA (Orange County)

Other Affiliations:

            2004-Present: FEMA Disaster Housing Inspector

            2007-Present: Level I Thermographer (FLIR)

             2002- Present: Approved Buyers Home Warranty Inspector


2005 Chapter President’s Award, CREIA (Orange County)          

2004 Chapter President’s Award, CREIA (Orange County)



                                                              Serving Southern California

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