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Sewer Camera

We proudly also offer main sewer line inspections.  Sewer inspections are important because any problems with the main sewer line are the financially responsibility of the property owner.  If there are conditions with the sewer line that cleaning won’t solve the repairs can be expensive. Most main sewer lines are made from materials that wear out and are prone to damage as the result of seismic activity, tree roots, ground settling and the disposal of caustic liquids.  Roughly 88%-92% of residential buildings are found to have a problem during a sewer line inspection.  Homes that are more than 50 – 60 years old have main sewer lines that have exceeded their life expectancy.

No home is immune to sewer problems.  Any age home, new or older, can have problems with the main sewer drain.    Since there is no clear dividing line between homes that should or should not have a sewer scan, it is a good idea to have one done.

 Each sewer scan includes either a report that is incorporated into your home inspection report or a standalone separate report (your decision) with digital pictures and a link to the video on YouTube .  The additional fee for this starts at $225.00  with a scheduled home inspection and there must be a readily accessible clean-out (cannot remove toilets) there is an additional fee if the scan has to go through the 4 inch main roof stack (single story buildings only).   Sewer inspections can be schedule most any time up until or after the date of the Home Inspection.  

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