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Thermography is the non-invasive non-destructive use of a thermal imaging camera, to detect and measure the thermal energy (temperature) emitting from an object. Thermal imaging use in residential, commercial and industrial applications measures temperature variations to locate moisture intrusion origination, overheated electrical components, missing insulation and other thermally inefficient problem areas.  The use of an infrared scan can pinpoint the problem location thus avoiding potential damage or harm, costly unnecessary destruction and potential downtime.



Thermal imaging minimizes the need to perform destructive measures.  It provides instant visual documentation of problems. Are your heating/cooling costs out of control?  Is one room always warmer/cooler than all the others? Are the circuit breakers constantly tripping?  Are electrical circuits dimming?  Do you have an unexplained rise in your water consumption with no outward visible leaks?  Does one room smell musty with no visible signs of moisture?  If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, or ones like them then a Sunrise Infrared Services thermal scan can most likely help you pinpoint the problem.



The cause of mold within a structure is moisture.  Infrared can identify wet and dry building materials thus tracking moisture intrusion to its source.  Once located the problem areas can be addressed before they become more severe. We can monitor the drying process and can verify when an area of concern is in fact dry.



Our scans can quickly and non-destructively detect areas of missing, moisture-laden or otherwise damaged insulation in walls, attics or around doors, windows, electrical outlets and other access panels.



Roof leaks can cause costly damage to a building’s contents and discomfort to its inhabitants. Our infrared inspection can identify areas of wet, missing or moisture-soaked insulation caused by roof leaks, permitting the repair of just those areas rather than the much more costly replacement of the entire roof.



Our reporting system provides state-of-the-art electronically produced inspection reports that assure all inspections are complete, understandable, and include both thermal and digital photographs.  This system allows our inspectors to provide computer generated, narrative style reports.



Infrared can also detect thin spots in the linings of furnaces, heat exchangers and flues, mechanical problems such as worn, under-lubricated pumps and motors, bearings in fans and compressors and electrical faults, refrigerant leaks and blockages in HVAC components. Additional services to meet you electrical, mechanical, industrial, predictive maintenance and equine needs.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.


For the best non-invasive means of diagnosing and monitoring the conditions of residential, commercial and industrial properties Sunrise Infrared Services uses only FLIR™ radiometric imagers that give the clearest images available in a hand-held device.


If It Gives Off Infrared Radiation We Can See It!!

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